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Tech Mesh is a special blend of 100% polyester fibers and 100% cotton fibers to form a unique mesh fabric that has the soft hand of 100% cotton and is very slow to absorb moisture. By combining these two fibers in a “knitted mesh construction” you achieve a fabric that “breathes”, unlike 100% cotton. Tech Mesh® absorbs moisture 4 times slower than 100% cotton and will vent or dry this moisture 4 times faster. These facts have been verified by an independent government certified testing lab. We have also knitted into the fabric a clear micro-fiber that forms a tough “web” of protection throughout the garment. 

All of these factors give Tech Mesh® its unique characteristics of strength, durability, breathability and softness. 

Tech Mesh® was developed to enhance the performance of all athletes by keeping the athlete cooler and drier by not allowing your workout gear to become heavy with sweat.

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